When you join Invention Scouts, you will learn how use to awesome equipment like, 3D Printers, LASER Cutters, 3D Milling Machines, Computer Controlled Sewing Machines, and much much more!

Knowing how to use modern machines is great, but you will learn so much more, like how to Create new things. How to put your Creativity to use by Inventing new useful (or just silly) products.

After inventing and learning how to make your idea come to life, Invention Scouts then helps you to Sell and Market your invention. By working in Teams, you will have help in all areas of inventing, making, marketing and selling your product. Invention Scouts even gives you a place to sell your product on this Website!

Becoming an Invention Scout is easy. Invention Scouts are Co-Ed, so anyone, women and men, between the ages of 11 and 21 are welcomed.

Over 21 years old? Become a Mentor or an Advisor!

Just follow this link to your nearest Invention Crew.

Find the Crew Nearest You

If you have any questions, please contact Invention Scouts Executive Thomas Yang. His contact information can be found under the Contact Us tab.