Inventions Scouts are part of the Boy Scouts of America, a nationwide organization with over 2.5 million youth members. Invention Scouts are Co-Ed, so both young women and men aged 11-21 can join. Scouts at age 21 can become adult advisors.

Invention Scouts is a new program developed to help today's Co-Ed youth and young adults to "Become Better Inventors". On this Website, and at Crew meetings Invention Scouts will learn new Skills, how to work within a Team, Create new Inventions and use your new skills for Community Service.

When you join Invention Scouts you will become part of an Invention Team. There are one or more Teams in a Crew. The Post or Crew has a meeting place, a chartering organization, and an Adult Advisor. There is also a Crew Committee made up of parents and other adult volunteers.

Each Crew and their Invention Teams will determine their Invention focus. Their focus can change over time. For example, a team could focus on inventions in fashion, or bio-medical inventions etc.

The following is the general structure of the program.

  1. Skill Based
    1. Learn Programming Languages
    2. Use of Computer Software Programs
    3. Use of computer guided equipment (CNC)
    4. Electronics/Robotics
    5. Equipment in Invention Labs
  2. Teamwork Based
    1. Leadership skills
    2. Working as a team
    3. Delegating responsibilities
    4. Planning of projects
  3. Creativity through inventions
    1. Creating new inventions ideas
    2. Solving problems with new inventions
    3. Improving existing products
    4. Invention competitions
  4. Ethical/Business Knowledge
    1. Ethical behavior
    2. Developing Business Plans
    3. Productions of new inventions
    4. Marketing/Sales of New Inventions.
  5. Community Service
    1. Teaching others to be inventors
    2. Inventions that benefit others